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Integrated Media Sports Potential Intelligent Manufacturing

After the first ten years guideline “Made in China 2025” which the strong manufacturing strategy implemented in China has been released, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is a key issue of China’s overall economic transformation and upgrading under new normal situation. It is urgent to improve innovation ability of the manufacturing industry, promote depth fusion of information and industrialization, strengthen the construction of quality brands, encourage green manufacturing and so on. China is developing from a big manufacturing become a manufacturing powerhouse.

At the same time, the world manufacturing industry is experiencing a “intelligent” production as the main characteristics of the big changes, which is seen as in history, the production process of mechanization, electrification and automation after a new “industrial revolution”.

Group backed by national foundation, complies with the development trend of global manufacturing, has carried on corresponding planning and layout, pioneering and innovation, improved the research and development strength, and diversified development. Up to now, the products and applications researched and developed by Cogent Technologies limited under Group have been sold throughout the country. The export business is to grow strongly. We keep pace with the times. With many national industry leaders, we go out and use our wisdom, bring more value for the world. 

Cogent technologies products gave full support to Shenzhen landslide

In the noon of Dec. 20, the landslide happened in industrial park in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province with the area of about 100,000 square meters which lead to more than ten building collapsed in the whole industrial park and relevant departments in Shenzhen expended their rescue works.

At 22:00 that night, CSS Group Guangzhou Office received an emergency rescue request that Shenzhen Media Group need transmission equipments. Group’s CEOs conducted immediately and arranged engineers from Guangzhou Office to drive cars to Shenzhen Media Group with equipments from Cogent technologies limited as quickly as possible. Besides that, the team went to landslide site with T30, T340, decoder 4G HD, Nanosat HD portable satellite station, digital microwave and TVU 4G products from Cogent technologies limited( hereinafter referred to as Cogent) under CSS Group.