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Integrated Media Sports Potential Intelligent Manufacturing

Every day, millions of image contents are made by TV and network media. We gain massage, joy and express variety of feelings by the contents. At one time, we screamed when we saw the same scene; At one time,, we joined together and took part in the program interaction and became a member of shopaholic…Century Sage Scientific will always do our best to present the image contents better, stable and wonderful.

All-media industry has entered into Internet new era. The new media operators represented by community, blog, mobile are developing continuously and rapidly with the coming of the”Internet plus” and at the same time, new media are developing rapidly in the directions of mobile, amalgamation and micro communication. With the interaction and integration of TV and network media, new ecosystem structure full of energy will definitely coming soon. Each institution will create its own all media ecology, so that software, hardware and content will highly integrated.

In this new era, Beijing Century Sage Scientific System Limited under CSS Group will coast on the leading advantage and technical storage, so that our customers can benefits from more diversify application solutions and richer content services.


Introduction to Henan Daxiang Merged Media Project

Henan Daxiang Merged Media is a new group company established by the Henan Radio Film and Television with the integration of its subordinate four traditional media units and eight media companies, owning 14 kinds of mainstream types of media business and 38 media transmission platforms such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, websites, Internet TV, IPTV, mobile news, mobile phones radio, mobile phone television, telephone-broadcast, mobile phone client, mobile TV, and outdoor big screens. 

In October 2015, Beijing Century Sage Scientific System Technology Co., LTD. won the bid for Merged Media Broadcast Control and Scheduling Platform Project of Henan Daxiang Merged Media successfully, and the project integrated traditional general broadcast control platform, new media content scheduling and distributing management platform, IP information source and baseband information source integration scheduling and broadcast platform, etc., realizing the seamless scheduling and broadcast of different formats and types of programs and media assets resources under the merged media environment in the domestic.