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Integrated Media Sports Potential Intelligent Manufacturing

In the autumn of 2014, the State Council issued “the Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Products and Promoting Sports Firefighting “which clearly pointed out the goal of China’s sports industry development. Until 2025, the scale of sports industry of China will reach over five thousand billion RMB. From then on, data from General Administration of Sport predicts that actually the total scale of sports industry in China is about seven thousand billion RMB. The huge market potential of sports industry can release due to China’s large population base, rapid growth of sports consumption and sports consumption per capita gap with developed countries. The sports industry entrepreneurs and Domestic giant enterprise benchmarking poured into this market.

Our brilliant achievements in the major sports events in the past were obvious for all to see. We accumulate sports resources couldn’t be reproduced. Beijing Evertop Culture Media Co. Ltd. under CSS Group will continue to make the development and operation of sports events, and will tap into a broader wider sports business. We carry the Chinese national strong dreams, carry forward the spirit of sports, sports undertaking!

As a member of CSS Group, Beijing Evertop Culture Media Co. Ltd (herein” Evertop Culture Media”) devotes to provide one-stop international standard services of rebroadcast, production and copy rights promotion of all-media sports events. The Evertop team has more than 20 years of experience in leading industry. No matter from media content production, technical support, equipment, and in the field of R&D, or event in the field of sports industry packing, copyrights promotion etc., has a solid strength and the experience of the leading edge.

Evertop Culture Media aim in outdoor sports projects for deep direction, committed to providing high quality sports broadcast, production services. From the beginning of the tour of Beijing, we cooperate with European top team and master the world’s most advanced technology and experience, in which laid a leading position in the industry.